Wedding Stationery Collections

Wedding Stationery Collections

The wedding stationery will complement any wedding event because it helps to make sure that everything is in its place and order. The wedding date, time and venue are correctly announced. All the guests are cordially invited and promptly welcome at the reception.

Laser-cut Stationery

Laser-cut Stationery

Our elegant laser-cut stationery is sure to make an impression with your friends and family. They include several components as well as envelops for mailing. Check out our huge variety of laser-cut wedding stationery!

Save The Date Cards

Save The Date Card

Save the Date wording can be done in many ways, but usually it is actually quite simple.  Most Save the Date cards just contain an announcement of the wedding date and inform the recipient that they can expect an invitation closer to the wedding. See our unique selection of save the date cards in our store!

Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs - Bulletins

Wedding bulletins or programs may not be a priority for you but if you do choose to have one, it pays to choose only the best for your one special day.  Whether it be modern or traditional, cultured or bold, let it be a continued reflection of your personality.

Table Numbers Cards

Wedding Table Number Ideas

Table number cards can be chosen based on their color, design, or how well they will stand out from the rest of your decor. It is fine to choose ones that blend in, but if they don’t stand out at least a little bit your guests will have a hard time finding them. To avoid this, try to choose table numbers that are bold enough to draw the eye without detracting from the rest of the decor.

Wedding Place Cards

Wedding Place Cards

Wedding place cards have many benefits as they not only help to facilitate your seating arrangement, but they also allow you to share personal notes or messages with your guests.  Additionally, wedding place cards will have a great impact on your table décor.

Thank You Cards

Wedding Thank You Cards

You send thank you cards for two reasons: to acknowledge and thank the guest’s presence and thank the guest for his/her gift or contribution to the wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Everyone wants a unique wedding invitation for their big day and you are no different – something that literally has your signature personality stamped all over it. So go ahead, let your imagination go wild and pick from a variety of materials, colors and designs, and feel free to create!

Wedding RSVPs

Wedding RSVPs

It is tradition to include Wedding RSVP cards with wedding invitations to supply your guests with a way of responding and to ensure you receive all the information from them that you need. Find gorgeous RSVP cards in our online boutique!


A Simple Guide To Wedding Stationery

When making a wedding checklist, most brides only put invitations under the wedding stationery category. What they fail to realize is that this wedding aspect covers more than that. It actually includes the save the date, place cards, reception programs and thank you notes. With this said, it’s crucial that you spend enough time planning the wedding stationery to ensure that you’re able to make the right choices. Here’s a lowdown on the typical components of wedding stationery.

Save the Date Cards

Save the dates are like the prequel to the invitation. They give the basic information about the wedding such as who are getting married, where and when the wedding is going to be held, and so on. The purpose of this is to ensure that guests are able to squeeze your wedding into their busy schedule even before you send out the formal invites.

Even though it’s not yet the real invitation, this shouldn’t stop you from being creative. In fact, you could be more experimental with this than with the invitation that’s almost always expected to be formal. For example, you can give away a postcard with a photo of you and your beau jumping into the lake and a stamped marking “we’re taking the plunge so save the date!”


The wedding invitation is what you send to all your guests to request their presence at your wedding. A formal invitation usually includes various enclosures. The outer envelope includes all the enclosures. It is formally addressed to the recipient. The inner envelope holds the contents of the formal invitation. The purpose of having another envelope is to protect the invite during shipping.

There is also the reception card that specified the details about the reception party and the response card on which your guests are requested to indicate regret or acceptance of the invitation. The response card is placed inside a self-addressed stamped envelope. Don’t forget to include the RSVP deadline so you can finalize the guest list early. You may also include a map to help the guests find the venue for both the ceremony and reception.

When planning the invitation, you have to know the ins and outs of the printing process. While the save the date cards are usually only printed in laser printers, invitations can be printed in various ways. This determines the overall cost of the invitation so you also have to consider your budget when making a choice. Printing options include engraving, thermography, letterpress, lithography and laser printing. Materials, embellishment, type of paper and number of enclosures are other factors that affect the invitation’s cost.


The wedding program provides the outline for the ceremony. Sometimes, there’s also a program for the reception. Many brides prefer to have a program only for the ceremony and make the reception a surprise to the guests. When making a program, it’s important that you don’t turn it into a novel. Not only would this run up the cost but guests won’t have the patience or time to read everything through. It’s best to just put in here the outline like what’s going to happen before this and that.

Thank You Cards

You send thank you cards for two reasons: to acknowledge and thank the guest’s presence and thank the guest for his/her gift or contribution to the wedding. Even though you were not able to sit down beside each and every one of your guests to chat with them during the wedding, let them know how much you appreciated that they were there to share with you this joyous occasion. Even though there are lots of thank you cards out there that you can buy and send out, nothing beats a personalized thank you card with a personal message.

Other Miscellaneous Stationery Items

Other stationery items that you’ll need for your wedding include place cards, menu cards, and table cards. Place cards inform the guests regarding their seat arrangement during the wedding. You don’t want your guests seating with people they don’t know and get loads of uncomfortable silence or awkward conversations throughout the night. The menu cards show the outline of the meals to be served during the reception. Finally, the table card indicates the table number.

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