Reception Decorations

LOVE Plates Set

Wedding Reception Decorations Your wedding reception is a place for guests to mingle and have fun, and you want them to enjoy themselves within the ambiance of a beautifully decorated room. Go ahead – decorate your venue. And enjoy yourself while you are doing it – it is your chance to showcase your personality and [...]

Bridal Accessories

Garden Necklace & Earring Set

Wedding Hair Accessories There is a wide range of bridal hair accessories available to brides nowadays, from hair pins and hair bands, to tiara’s and barrettes. With a little creativity, the right hairstyle and the right accessory, the bride will be looking glamorous in no time with the help of all the beautiful accessories out [...]

Wedding Jewelry Sets

Cubic Zirconia Clusters with Vine Jewelry

  Perfect Wedding Jewelry Sets For The Bridesmaids Thinking of the perfect gift for the bridesmaids? Why not give them stunning jewelry sets? Nothing’s going to hold you back from giving your BFFs the best gifts ever. After all, without them, your wedding won’t be half as beautiful as it is. They have done everything [...]

Bridal Purses

Vertical Band with Crystal Detail Evening Bag

  Shopping Guide For Bridal Purses If there is that one day when you want to look most beautiful, it’s none other than your wedding day. Achieving this shouldn’t be that difficult. Apart from buying the perfect wedding gown and getting plenty of beauty rest, you also need to get the right bridal accessories, especially [...]

Wedding Garters

Fairy Tale Dreams Two Piece Bridal Garter Set

The Tradition of Wedding Garters The wedding reception is one aspect of the celebration that most guests anticipate. After the formalities of the church ceremony, it is during the reception that everyone can relax, eat, dance, sing, and simply have a blast. The traditions of the wedding do not end at the church and in [...]

Wedding Tiaras

Garden Tiara in Silver with White Pearls

  Wedding Tiaras – What Are The Choices If there’s one thing that you’d want to feel like on your wedding, it’s to feel like you’re a princess. When you watched commoner-turned-princess Kate Middleton marry the handsome young prince William, you watched how a fairy tale unfolded before your eyes. Even though you know you [...]

Bridal Veils

Double Border of Satin Ribbon & Pearls Veil

  The Different Styles Wedding Veils The tradition of wearing a wedding veil has been practiced for many decades now. Some modern brides choose to skip the veil. But those who value this tradition know that their look as a bride won’t be complete without it. When you go shop for bridal accessories, you’ll find [...]

Beach Wedding Accessories for the Exotic Couple

Black or White Just Married Sandals

If you would take a survey on the most popular wedding themes, beach wedding would probably top the list. This is because many couples love the vast expanse of beautiful ocean that can serve as the backdrop, the romantic ambiance of the beach scene, and the fact that beach weddings are beautiful and inexpensive at [...]

Garden Theme Wedding: An Evening Affair Under The Stars

Many brides dream of having a garden theme wedding, within the lush private grounds of their parents backyards or perhaps onsite at famous botanical gardens. It is a wonderful way to use the splendors of nature to create a special mood for the ceremony. Beautiful garden bursting with colorful and exotic blooms, wedding guests dressed [...]

Handcrafted Bridal Jewelry for a Perfect Wedding

Garden Necklace

Whether it is the wedding of your dreams, or the dress of your dreams there is one thing that brides all over the world have in common when it comes to their wedding day – and that is the need for perfection. So of course, every single last nitty-gritty detail has to be nothing less [...]