Add The Final Decoration Touch With A Wedding Ribbon

Colored Wedding Ribbons

If you think ribbons are only for wrapping gifts, you are wrong. These decorative items are more versatile than you realize. In weddings, they serve numerous purposes from beautifying the venue to adding flair to the wedding favors and more. Below, you’ll find some of the ways a wedding ribbon can add pizzazz to this [...]

Personalized Ribbons

We've Tied the Knot Ribbon

How to Use Personalized Ribbons to Decorate Your Wedding Favors It is hard for most of us to imagine wedding decorations without associating it with ribbons. From traditional to the modern minimalist themed weddings, ribbons are versatile and elegant enough to always find its way as wedding decoration staples. They are available in every color, [...]

Wrap Up Your Wedding Day With Personalized Ribbons

Today I Marry My Best Friend Ribbon

Wrap up your day the right way with personalized wedding ribbons. You can make any statement on your favours, flowers and decorations by using special wedding ribbons. Favours are recognized at the reception usually by the pretty wedding ribbons. Usually personalized wedding ribbons are affixed to the favours so guests always remember the moment. Jordan [...]

Tie a Fancier Knot with Personalized Wedding Ribbons

As an event, what makes the wedding ceremony really standout is the amount of minute detail that is put into it. The subtly added delights are usually the most painstaking albeit rewarding parts of planning the event. An easy way to add that unique accent is to incorporate personalized wedding ribbons. These thin bands of [...]