Wedding Gifts

7058Jewelry Ball Point Pen & Heart Strap Gift Set

Gifts For The Couple Wedding gifts are traditional customs continued till today as a token of appreciation for the guests’ attendance of a wedding ceremony. More and more couples are going the creative way in making sure people would remember their day with custom wedding gifts. Bridesmaid Gifts For your closest friends, your bridesmaids’ gifts [...]

Groomsmen Gifts

Classic Round Cufflinks in Shiny Silver Plating - One Pair

  Spectacular Groomsmen Gift Ideas Thanking your groomsmen should go beyond a few high fives and gushes of “you’re the best man.” While these are enough for them since they don’t really expect anything when they do things for you, it’s still a nice idea to give them something that will show how much you [...]

Bridesmaids Gifts

Flask Just for Her

  Inexpensive But Gorgeous Ideas For Bridesmaid Gifts Can you imagine a wedding without the bridesmaids? Sure, the center of attention is the bride. But any bride would agree that the event won’t be beautiful without the bridesmaids who go out of their way to help out, ensure that the day is made extra special, [...]

Wedding Jewelry Sets

Cubic Zirconia Clusters with Vine Jewelry

  Perfect Wedding Jewelry Sets For The Bridesmaids Thinking of the perfect gift for the bridesmaids? Why not give them stunning jewelry sets? Nothing’s going to hold you back from giving your BFFs the best gifts ever. After all, without them, your wedding won’t be half as beautiful as it is. They have done everything [...]

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Modern Couple

Bridesmaid Gifts

Before the advent of wedding registry, a newly wedded couple is bound to receive a couple of flower vases, various sets of glassware, and a dozen of photo frames. Oftentimes, they end up giving away these gifts even if they don’t like to do that because they really cannot make use over a dozen of [...]

When Do I Send Thank You Notes? – Ask The Expert Answer

Question from Lily: Hi, I am getting married in about a month, but am already receiving wedding gifts.  When should I send out the Thank You notes. Answer from Bridal Expert Angela: Hi Lily, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  It is proper etiquette to send wedding gifts to the bride’s home before the wedding, [...]

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

From the wedding couple, to the bridesmaids, groomsmen, the parents, flower girls, ring bearer, there’s always enough gratitude to go around. For without these special ones, the wedding would not have even taken place! But most important of all, you wouldn’t want to forget the very two honored people of the day. If you need [...]

Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gifts? Gifts From The Heart

No one could ever forget that magical day that they celebrated once, that is their wedding day. Weddings have always been a special occasion, something that a person goes through once in a lifetime usually and it will be the most special day of their lives because it is the start of a whole new [...]