Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings from Bario-Neal

While recently learning about Bario-Neal Jewelry, the Philadelphia based handcrafted jewelry designers and one of our new Real Weddings sponsors, I was totally taken with both their wedding ring designs and their approach to jewelry making. I love the organic simplicity of these rings and how they show off the natural beauty of the metals [...]

Bridal jewelry – Accessorizing for your big day

Large Pear Cubic Zirconia Drop Jewelry

This may be a burning question that is playing in your mind as you decide on your bridal jewelry. Should you go for diamonds, pearls, white diamonds, sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, pearls, titanium, tungsten, gold, platinum, palladium, jade … the list can go on. If you adore diamonds but can’t really afford them, then opt [...]

Ring Bearer Pillows – Wedding Supplies That Signify “Love”

Love Bird Ring Pillow

The best bit about weddings is that for every single item that you would need to have on that day, there is always a wide selection for you to choose from. As the bride, this is probably where you’ll have the most fun because it means you get to do lots and lots of shopping! [...]