The Differences Between a 1st and 2nd Wedding

Two Rings With Flower in BackgroundYou know what they say, love is lovelier the second time around. For some people, their second shot in love is with a different person. But just because you’ve been married before, it doesn’t mean that your wedding this time is going to be less special. It’s not about how many times you’ve been married before but about finally finding the right person for you. Not to mention, even second weddings require ample planning and preparation. On top of that, you need to know the difference between the first and second wedding to ensure that you get things right.

Dress code

First weddings usually call for formal dress code. But this time around, you can go as informal as you want. Summer dress for the bride and linen pants for the groom won’t seem out of place in a second wedding. And the bride doesn’t have to limit herself to a white wedding gown. She can wear whatever color she likes. Whatever dress code you decide on, be sure to mention this in the invite so everyone can follow suit.

Wedding registries

When you got married for the first time, wedding registries seemed tacky that it was like requiring your guests to give you gifts in exchange for their attendance to your wedding. It’s not like that anymore. For your second wedding, guests would actually find a gift registry convenient. Plus, you don’t need to get a dozen set of the same glassware again.


Another difference between the first and second wedding is the involvement of children from the first marriage. This shouldn’t pose any issue if you and your groom are able to set things right early on. For example, you may agree that all your daughters are bridesmaids while the groom’s sons will be the groomsmen. Or that your children will take care of the ceremony planning while the groom’s kids will organize the reception. Ensure equal division of work so nobody feels left out.


As for the program, it doesn’t have to follow strictly the traditional wedding program order that would have the father of the bride make the teary-eyed speech, the best man make the roast and toast speech, and the couple to dance for the first time. In short, it doesn’t have to be as “mushy” as the first wedding. The program can be as laidback as the couple wishes and doesn’t have to follow a formal format. Some of the wedding traditions can also be skipped. If the bride doesn’t feel comfortable about tossing the bouquet, no one should force her to do so.


Tradition dictates that the parents of the bride pay for all the wedding expenses while the groom’s family shoulders the engagement party. This isn’t the norm for second weddings. Since the couple getting married the second time around are usually older and more mature, and they also have gotten quite far in their careers, they no longer need the assistance of their parents. They can share the expenses 50/50 or the groom (or bride) may step in to pay for everything. It just depends on the arrangement that you’ll come up with.

Source: this article was submitted by The Wedding Expert, a site by Angela Fiebelkorn, certified wedding planner and coach.

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