The Making Of A Beach Wedding

The planning of a successful beach wedding requires detailed knowledge of the beach in question and the local climate. Knowledge of the beach is essential so the best spot to lay the tables, chairs and other wedding decorations like flower standees will not be compromised. Sand spots that are less stable or prone to sinking should be avoided at all costs so you do not have the embarrassment (or comic relief) of having one of your tables or guests topple over just when you say "I Do". Knowing the tides – low or high – is also important. You do not want to have to move everything in the middle of the ceremony due to rising waters.

As a safety precaution, lay down a wooden, plywood platform or mat over the sand before you put the chairs and table bearing food on the ground. This helps to stop the chairs and tables from sinking into the sand as they get heavier with guests and food. A canopy or tent always helps even in very fine Palm Tree Favor Box with Multi-dimensional Detail.JPGweather so your guests will always stay cool in the hot sun and shielded from the sudden event of rain. It also helps protect everyone from possible falling objects like coconuts, bird droppings or leaves from the trees. If the weather is guaranteed to be sunny, beach weddings in a canopy without walls will protect you and your guests while retaining the outdoor feel to the event. A canopy in ivory, white or beige will be a perfect blend to your surroundings while a bolder colored material will really stand out on the beach.

Other things to consider are food arrangements – how to keep the flies away while keeping your food and wedding decorations fresh from being in the sun, and more importantly, from the prying hands of the public who will be curious enough to be watching on the sidelines.

Whether formal or informal, beach weddings are always fun to attend. Just remember to provide your guests with a map for the exact spot where you will be having the ceremony so you do not have to spend time looking for lost, wandering guests.

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