“The Perfect Pair” Cookie Cutters That Inspire Your Guests To Bake Goodies

“The Perfect Pair” Cookie Cutters in Wooden Gift BoxThere are many popular wedding themes and styles that I’ve noticed. One of them is the “Perfect Pair” theme. Levi’s cousin used this theme subtly in his wedding. Their invitation had a pear drawn on the cover in charcoal. Levi’s cousin’s wife drew the pears for every invitation to save on costs. She basically saw the “Perfect Pair” theme and loved it so much that she recreated it for herself in their invitations.
With that being said, I found these really cute cookie cutters in the shape of a pear which follows the “Perfect Pair” theme. “The Perfect Pair” Cookie Cutters in Wooden Gift Box is also a great price as well. You shouldn’t want to spend too much money on  Wedding Favors because depending on how many people you are inviting, that can really rack up your wedding bill. But these wedding favours are a reasonable price in comparison to some metal cookie cutters you can buy at cooking stores.
Perfect Pair Printed NapkinsThese cookie cutters also come in a really cute box. The box looks really crafty and homey, kind of like the feeling you get when you bake your own cookies on a relaxing Sunday. Giving your guests cookie cutters in the shape of a pear as a wedding favour is also reminiscence of your mom baking cookies for you as a child. I think everyone has a soft spot when recalling memories like that one. These cookies cutters will make your guests want to go home and try to recall those memories by baking themselves.
Even if your entire wedding isn’t “Perfect Pair” theme, it’s still nice to add it in subtly, like how Levi’s cousin did. Whether you wedding theme is more of a seasonal inspired, if you like the message that the “Perfect Pair” theme displays, then why not use it. Your guests will love it!

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