What you need to know about printable wedding invitations

Heart Strings InvitationWedding invitations are essential to every nuptial ceremony as they convey a personal invitation for guests to come to the reception on a formal level or for affirming a verbal invitation to the wedding. In the past, wedding invitations would either have to be painstakingly hand printed or stenciled onto each card, or else sent to a professional printing press where the cards will be churned out at a high cost. Only the well-to-do back then could afford printable wedding invitations and the masses would have to settle for hand-crafted and written cards instead.

With the advances made in modern home computing and desktop publishing, it is now possible to print documents at a very affordable rate both at home and from professional printing shops. This is a boon especially for home users and part time desktop publishers. A modern personal computer and printer has more than one hundred times the capacity, computing power, flexibility and capability of professional grade machines of only a decade ago. Modern printers (laser jet or bubble jet) are able to print in countless styles and design at speeds unheard of in the past.  Thus with such raw power  available at such low prices, the end user is spoilt for choice when it comes to making a decision on printing his or her custom wedding invitations. There are several choices for the designer to make when designing the cards which are discussed here.

Cherry Blossom InvitationTo save costs one can contribute a little time and effort to personally design and print such stationery. The tools to create a professional looking invitation are readily available on the internet or can be bought easily in computer software stores. There are also plenty of templates available for free or at a nominal charge, it all depends on the individuals willing to spend some time to search for the most appropriate design. If the ready made templates are unsuitable then one could always download or purchase some publishing software to give that invitation that extra personal touch.

The most modern way to send such invitations once completed is via email but it still can’t compare to a printed card. A good idea would be to send one electronic format and one printed version in case the snail mail gets there late. To go one step further, why not create some personalized envelopes to go with the personalized wedding invitation. All you have to do is design, enter the guest name or names on each card, follow the printing instructions and click on the print button. Be sure to have enough paper and ink.

For those who want to save more time, there are plenty of ready made printable wedding invitation cards in the market. These cards can be readily purchased from almost any store, from supermarkets to wedding boutiques to online wedding kiosks; they are available in numerous styles and designs. The blank portions where the names of the bride and bridegroom, venue as well as the guests’ name go can either be hand-filled or printed using your home computer and printer. Guidelines to print directly onto the cards are usually included with them.

The final choice of printing wedding stationery would of course, to send the cards to a professional printing press to work with. The prices of such professional services have gone down greatly when compared to prices of past years. The client would convey his or her idea of how the perfect card would look and the designer would comply with the design. The professionals will no doubt be able to add that magic touch to the invitations and it will be one less thing to worry about for the wedding planner.

Like so many things in our life, modern technology has made it possible to make things easier whilst still keeping the original spirit alive. The same goes for nuptial stationery. Even with the advent of electronic invitations via electronic mail and SMS as well as Multimedia  Messages from handsets, most couples still prefer to send out old school printed wedding invitations to give guests that old school personal touch. Few people realize the wonderful technology working in the background that goes into making this all possible.

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