The Secret of Roses and Red Wedding Themes

“Roses are red, violets are blue. I love you, and I hope you can love me too.”

A traditional poem which has been written on perfumed cards, signed by a jet in mid air and engraved on trees. This declaration of love normally evolves like mushroom after the rain as the time approaches on Valentine’s Day. Roses will be sold at unusual high prices as people bitten with the love bug swarm into florists and place their orders.

Amongst the floral world, roses have been highly regarded as a flower that is associated with love, passion and sophistication. The amount of roses given even has particular meanings to it. Three stalks of red roses are a symbol of the the normal yet sweet “I love you.” Some people have gone to the extreme of even giving their loved ones 999 stalks of roses. In fact, there is even a Chinese song which is entitled “Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Stalks of Roses.” It is clearly that roses are the best selling flowers of all times.


The other element of romanticism that plays such a vital role is other than the colour. Red, pink and white have been associated with the strongest emotion in our heart. Love. Contrary to recent trends, the symbol of the heart has always been the colour of roses and blood.

It is not (as proposed by the emo punk culture set up by the media) a black or a grey coloured heart. Take a look at greeting cards meant for couples. There will always be a blotch of red on it, irrelevant to the size on the cards. Some cards may use red as their overall colour but some may just be a slight dot on the top left hand side of the card. Red is clearly the strongest colour language of love.

What is the ultimate expression of love? Some may note that climbing the highest peak of the world and declare his feelings on top of the world. Some may prefer to give in forms of vacations to romantic getaways like to Paris, Korea and Hawaii. A 2 weeks cruise off the coast of Australia may be your style.

Red Wedding Theme Favours

Nevertheless, these are the minorities. The majority will, without a batter of an eyelid, state that holy matrimony is the best and the greatest expression of love. When both the guy and the girl agree to put aside all their differences and stay committed to each other, to hold the same pair of hands and kiss the same lips for the rest of their life. That is probably the best expression of love to many.

And how do you actually make this expression into something solid and believable? Through the wedding, of course. By combining the main two superficial elements of love, it will penetrate through the hardest steel hearts and jitters of nervousness among the newly weds. The success of a wedding does not only affect the newly weds and their families, but also all who are present to witness this eventful ceremony.

Although the outlook and the wedding may seem at times too exaggerated and overdone, it is necessary and worth every cent as it may be the only time you will be the superstar of this event in your whole entire life.  In order to accomplish the wedding of the century, you need careful planning and go over the details as often as you can.

A suggestion of making the wedding more alive and interesting is to create unique wedding themes. This will avoid the constant yawning and dropping of heads when the groom or the father of the bride is giving a speech. We could always use colours and items that have been associated with love as a part of the theme. Perhaps a rose wedding theme or a red wedding theme? Maybe even a combination of both?

Since roses have already been known for love, the decoration of the wedding hall should at least resemble a secret garden, hidden in paradise and blooming like the first season of spring. Roses and flowers can be placed on every post with dashes of red here and there. To achieve a feel of elegance, use ruby red metallic satin cloth as the basic decoration. After dimming and adjusting the softness of the light, place a few stalks of roses and a bag of rose potpourri beside it. It does not only look great, but smells great too.

Make it a requirement of your guests to dress according to the theme. For a fancy attire, you may ask the gentlemen to appear in a sharp looking tuxedo, with a bud of white rose popping out of their jacket pocket. The ladies will truly complement the theme if they are clad in red bridal dresses. Each guest is of course required to bring their gifts in red wrappings of roses patterned papers. In terms of favors, your friends and family would in turn receive a single stalk of red rose from the newly wed himself.

There are a lot more ideas that you can be added to this theme. A garden wedding when the roses are blooming, perhaps. All you have to do is just squeeze out those creative juices and you will have a great time planning it all up.

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