Themed Wedding Favors

Popular Wedding Favors

Popular Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are great keepsake gifts for your guests to let them remember how special your wedding day was, making it essential to choose a perfect one. There are plenty of designs and choices to choose from nowadays, click above to browse through the most popular ones.

Diy Wedding Favors

DIY Wedding Favors

What perfect way to thank your guests for all the support and kind words than giving them a unique wedding favour straight from the heart. From do-it-yourself item, to bought-from-abroad gifts or a simple personalized present, you should always think of the gift as a symbol of remembrance for your big day. Therefore, no matter how big or small and expensive or cheap the gifts are, what really counts at the end of the day is it comes from your heart. You can also visit DIY Wedding Favor Supplies for more choices!

Chocolate Bar Favors

Chocolate Bar Favors

Chocolate bar favors are ideal gifts for your wedding guests as they come in an assortment of  different wedding themes. The chocolate bars are tasty and you can be confident that all your guests will appreciate them. Additionally, you can personalize the labels with your names and the wedding date.

Wedding Favor Bubbles

Wedding Favor Bubbles

Imagine the fun created by your guests blowing bubbles at your first dance, at the church, or throughout your reception. Wedding favor bubbles are simple, and at the same time can transform the look and feel of your wedding.

Candle Wedding Favors

Candle Wedding Favors

Candle wedding favors might be just right to make sure that your guests remember your wedding function for many years to come. Ignite the flames of love within your guests with this simple gift and be soothed by the fact that they will appreciate this special heartfelt gesture.

Wedding Favors By Season

Seasonal Wedding Favors

Fresh styling, cool colors, and unique designs are sure to inspire for your spring or summer wedding favor ideas. Fall weddings can be one of the most beautiful ceremonies of all times. With the beautiful sky above, the word “I Do” never sounded sweeter.  A Winter Wedding is an irony. The joy of a happy day is attached with a freezing temperature all around. However, it can be a great theme too. Wedding favors has to complement the wedding theme.

Wedding Favor Bags

Favor Bags

Some couples choose to add a personal touch to their wedding favors. Favor Bags are are perfect for dressing up any homemade or original favors you may have created yourself. What’s best about wedding favor bags is our immense variety and personalization options that are available.

Beach Themed Wedding Favors

Beach Wedding Favors

A beach wedding is always something that every bride desires. As there are a lot of things that needs to be prepared for the wedding, sometimes it is easy to miss out minor items such as wedding favors. Choices for beach wedding favors are endless. From personalized gift CD to place card holders as picture frame and personalized candles.

Country or Western Wedding Favors

Country Wedding Favors

Our country wedding favors in particular are crafted with an abundance of uses in mind. When choosing the perfect wedding favors – would you like a simple or a unique one, or would you like to match it with your wedding theme? There are still ways to work it out if you’re on a tight budget – the idea is to plan ahead and spend wisely.

Sports Themed Wedding Favors

Sports Wedding Favors

Having your wedding around the same time as the Super Bowl, World Cup, or World Series? Use these sports wedding favors to highlight your big day. Our gumball machines shaped as baseballs, basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls, are the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite sport.

Destination Wedding Favors

Destination Wedding Favors

Our destination wedding favors provide numerous design elements to accent your wedding theme. As a place marker, the destination wedding favors you select will be the first thing your guests see when they take their seats.

Practical Keepsakes

Practical Wedding Favors

Practical Wedding favors are thoughtful gesture given by the newlyweds to their wedding guests as a symbol of gratitude for sharing their special occasion. In older times, it is common for the newly weds to give away tokens of appreciation to their invited guests in the forms of sugar-coated almonds, to symbolize the bitterness and sweetness of married life. Nowadays, couples can express their gratitude by giving away keepsakes that are truly practical.

Personalized Wedding Souvenirs

Personalized Wedding Favors

Personalized wedding favors are the inexpensive and practical way to decorate your wedding reception tables and provide a lovely souvenir for your wedding guests to take home as a favor – talk about a sensible budget saver!

Wine Themed Wedding Favors

Wine Bottle Wedding Favors

The key features that couples look for when they are wedding favor shopping are elegance and flair. The best favor that they can select is the one that brings out their characters: a popular selection are our the wine bottle wedding favors.

Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding favor boxes are defined as packages specially used to store wedding favors which are usually given during a wedding reception as a token of appreciation to guests. Today, wedding favor boxes present gifts both in a stylish manner and personalizes a wedding event by delivering a message of thanks.

Wedding Coasters As Favors

Wedding Coaster Favors

Coasters are not only useful as a cup holder to prevent unwanted liquid getting to your tablecloth but it can also double up as a wedding favor during your reception. There are many suppliers for coaster wedding favors that offers a wide range of coaster sets and in different styles and themes as well.

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Bridal shower favors are gifts from the bride to her guests during a party before her wedding. They can be both edibles and non-edibles and are usually packed up nicely into little gifts before they are given out.

Place Card Holders Serving As Wedding Favors

Place Card Holders - Wedding Favors

A wedding place card holder is perfect in guiding your guests to their designated seats but do you know that it can also be used as a party favors to be given to your guests to take home as a memento for attending the wedding. Click here for more wedding place card holders!

20 Ideas For Themed Wedding Favors

Serious formal used to be the only theme for weddings. If you have tried attending weddings decades back, say 20 to 30 years ago, you’ll know exactly what this means. Nowadays, weddings are much more fun, relaxed, and creative. Many modern couples prefer to make the occasion light and enjoyable instead of stiff and dull. One way to do this is to incorporate a theme into the event. There is a hundred and one theme ideas that you can come up with. And for each of these, there are lots of wedding favor ideas that you can use. If we discuss everything, it will take us days so we opted to compile 30 of the best ideas for themed wedding favors.

Fairy Tale Favors

It doesn’t matter whether you have a Happily Ever After or Cinderella Story wedding theme, these wedding favors would do the trick in infusing the fairy tale feel into your big day.

  1. Happily Ever After Carriage Candle – This wedding favor would allow you to tell your guests that you’ve found your Prince Charming. This carriage candle looks like it was crafted by “old-world artisans.” It comes in an intricately designed gift box.
  2. Enchanted Carriage Favor Boxes – Fill these up with cinnamon hearts, chocolate balls or almonds and nuts. Designed with silvery scroll and pink accents, your guests would surely be delighted upon receiving the enchanted carriage favor boxes.
  3. Frog Prince Candle Favors – These whimsical candle favors is packaged in a clear plastic box wrapped with green organza. You’ll find the guests giving the frog prince a playful peck.

Golf Wedding Favors

If you and your beau are golf fanatics then golf wedding theme idea is perfect for you. Swing a par-fect hole in one with these wondrous wedding favor ideas:

  1. The Par-fect Mix-Kissing Golf Balls – These makes it easy for the guests to concoct festive cocktail mixes by simply shaking or stirring them. These cocktail mixes are also perfect for those holding their wedding by the beach, enhancing the experience in paradise. Each pouch of the cocktail mix contains 11 grams of powdered drink mixture.
  2. Together Fore-ever-Early Morning Golf Course – Coffee Favors – Here’s a favor that mixes two of your passions: golf and coffee. It’s a trendy wedding favor that all your coffee-drinking guests will adore. You won’t fail their expectations as these coffee favors are made from an exclusive blend of the finest coffee.

Wine Wedding Favors

Whether you’re having a wine cheese reception or your beau is wine connoisseur, wine wedding favors will be a big hit for you and the guests.

  1. Hats Off! Chrome Top Hat Wine Pourer/Bottle Stopper – The favor, which comes with chrome top, isn’t the only attractive thing about this but also is the gift-box design.
  2. Cheers to a Great Combination Wine Set – This favor is the perfect way to say, “Drink and be married!”
  3. Romantic Wine Glass Charm Sets – These lovely oval metal charms that measure 1” x ½” comes with inscription of either love, forever, dream or romance.

Eco-friendly Wedding Favors

If you want to help the environment by reducing the carbon footprint, choose to give away green wedding favors such as these enumerated below.

  1. Eco-Friendly Wildflower Fields – Encourage your guests to start a flowering garden with this packet of flower seeds.
  2. Eco-Friendly Canvas Bag – This green product can come printed with a wonderful design. Fill it up with edible goodies to make the favor even more interesting.
  3. Mini Flower Pots – These are gorgeous flower pots to give away to guests. Make sure you choose locally grown flower blooms.
  4. Biodegradable Beauty Set – For the female guests, you can give away a beauty set that includes a moisturizer, perfume and beauty soap all made with organic ingredients.

Las Vegas Wedding Favors

You certainly hit it lucky if you decide to hold your wedding in Las Vegas. Even if not, a Las Vegas wedding theme can still be the perfect way to jazz up the event.

  1. Lucky in Love Dice Favor Boxes with Imprinted Ribbon and Heart Charm – Dice are the ultimate symbols of Las Vegas. Your guests will all be charmed with these wedding favors.
  2. Lucky in Love Translucent Playing Card Bottle Stoppers – Bottle stoppers never looked this great. Give away to guests who are wine connoisseurs.
  3. Miles of Memories Suitcase Favor Tins with Optional Personalized Labels – Guests will be imagining that they’re traveling to Las Vegas with these suitcase favor tins.

Tea Wedding Favors

Holding a tea party on your wedding day? Delight the guests with these stylish personalized wedding that serve as great alternative to the traditional tea wedding favors.

  1. Love is Brewing Teapot Timer in Classic Retro Gift Box – Fall in love with this cute little timer that helps people in their kitchen tasks.
  2. Meant to Bee Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper – Guests will feel like their Winnie the Pooh with this adorable honey pot and wooden dipper. Honey, after all, is the perfect match to tea.
  3. Swee-Tea Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy in Black & White Serving-Tray Gift Box – Elegant and stylish are the two most apt descriptions for this one-of-a-kind wedding favor.
  4. Tea Time Heart Tea Infuser in Tea-Time Gift Box – Any tea lover will have a kick getting this wedding favor.
  5. Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders – Hold a tea party like never before with these teacups and tea lights that are actually tealight holders.


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