Top 7 Ideas For Decorating Your Wedding Ceremony Guest Book Table

Guest Book IdeasYou’d think a pen and a guest book are the only things you need for the guest book table. Think again. Sure, these are the primary requirements but it would be nice to add other items that would lend a unique feel to your wedding. Remember, the guest book table is the first stop so it should set the ambiance for either the ceremony or reception.

There are plenty of ways to decorate the guest book table. Your choice would depend not only the overall theme of the wedding but also on the kind of personality that you want this table to have. Here are some ideas for inspiration.


Take your guests on a journey of your love story by decorating the guest book table with framed photos of you and your beau over the years. Start with the photos when you first began dating up to the most recent shots that you have. Choose the best shots that would show your different sides so your guests would get to know both of you even more. Go for candid shots and even those wacky ones that you didn’t think you’d dare to show anyone.


Create a vintage feel by having a typewriter on your guest book table. This is not only a wonderful decorative element, it’s also a functional item that the guests can use to write their messages. Compile the typewritten messages in a scrapbook for a unique guest book.


Want a timeless look for your guest book table? Cover it with a crisp white linen tablecloth and place on top of it a tall flower-filled clear vase. Put the guest book and pen beside the flower vase and voila, you’ve achieved that classic look that people will never get tired of!


Tease your guests’ sweet tooth by placing large clear jars brimming with colorful chocolates and candies on the guest book table. They won’t have a hard time thinking of sweet words to say when writing on your guest book because they’ll also be munching on the decadent pre-meal desserts that you have for them. A cute alternative that’s just as heavenly is to have a mini chocolate fountain beside the guest book. There’s no better way to say, “how sweet it is to be loved by you!” than this.


Don’t like the traditional guest book idea? Turn your guest book table into something extraordinary by opting for a guest message tree. What’s a guest message tree, you might ask. This is a mini potted plant with branches and leaves where the guests can hang their messages for the bride and groom. So instead of writing on a traditional guest book, this stands in place of that. It’s a guest book and guest book table decoration rolled into one.


Do you prefer that your guest book table look soft and fluffy, instead of stiff and rigid? To achieve this, place a balloon arch above the table. Put the guest book on top of a pillow and decorate the entire table with soft fabrics.


This one is a great idea whether you’re having a beach wedding or not. A beach-y look for the guest book table can be done using a sand box filled with sand, seashells, starfish and other wonderful beach finds. Submerge half of the guest book into the sand. Have the pen sticking out of the sand too.

You’d surely love these ideas for the wedding guest book table. Just make sure that the idea you choose complement the theme of your special day.

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