Two Peas in a Pod – Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers in Ivy Print Gift Box

One of the truly unique wedding favours that you can present to your guests is something that stands out from the normal favours such as chocolates, candies, soaps and so on. One of the unique collection from Kate Aspen’s wide inventory is the Two Peas in a Pod – Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers in Ivy Print Gift Box.

This cute set of green ceramic salt and pepper shakers painstakingly hand painted is bound to make your guests happy. Each shaker is small and cute with intricate details and it is very useful as, well, the name suggests, salt & pepper shakers. The shakers can be reused over and over again and you will always be remembered for presenting such a unique and useful favour. Bring a happy feeling to any special event you might partake in. Attendees from all ages will enjoy this cute tiny gift!

The display box encircles the clear window with a beautiful twisty ivy print. The container is 5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.

Two peas in a pod

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