Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favours should ideally suit the theme of your wedding. Are you into spring with colorful flowers, then perhaps you should use spring wedding favours to create that additional touch for your receptions.

Of if both you and your spouse are beach goers, perhaps beach wedding favours will be the ideal unique favours for your wedding. We have published a series of wedding favours which you can buy from different vendors online. You can find those posts under the Category Wedding Favors, or just use the handy search button.

You can buy unique wedding favours here in Canada from our preferred site or shop from the US, the Personalization Mall for totally unusual favors.

Wedding Favors from the Personalization Mall

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  1. Christine says:

    Another unique wedding favor that comes to mind is the fortune favors. This is a unique twist on candy filled gift bags. The bride prints out small fortunes just like the ones found in fortune cookies and inserts them into the candy favor bags. This ideas goes over well with the guests because it is so unexpected. Just wanted to add that. Great site!

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