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8511.jpgThere will come a time when two people would decide to tie the knot in a ceremonial formality of living together, hopefully for the rest of their lives in marriage. Such ceremonies are celebrated the world over in the form of weddings, be it in the simple form of an exchanging of oaths or a far grander celebration complete with a reception.

The taking of oath is an important facet of any marriage. That is normally why even the simplest of a wedding ceremony would focus on this aspect. Normally – a tradition which seems applicable almost in all the different cultures practiced all over the world – the exchanging of oaths would be mediated by a person who has the appointment as a religious authority.

There would also be witnesses present. Not much difference from a run-of-the mill legal agreement, in fact. It could therefore be said that marriages ties up two persons in a matrimonial bond which endears them with certain responsibilities. Such discussions are at best academic where the bride and the bridegroom are concerned as marriages are most often the ultimate expression of one person’s love to another.

That is the reason why it is of paramount importance that the day is recognized as the special day that it should be. The proliferation of wedding agencies and planners meant that the soon to be married couples could toy with some unique wedding ideas even before the big day and consult the specialist on whether they are viable.

One would not go wrong with the traditional wedding ceremony. Beautiful white gowns for the bride and tailored-fit tuxedos for the bridegroom, the exchanging of oaths at a house of God and family members and relatives as the guests of honour would be fine. Even within the somewhat tight confines of such a conservative wedding ceremony, there is still room to exercise the creative mind for stunning wedding ideas.

Table Centerpiece Ideas.jpg It could be the way the bride and groom make their appearance. Having their younger brothers and sisters carry the wedding rings and the bouquet of flowers was uncommon until someone thought that it would be a good idea. Since then, children as the bride and bridegroom’s entourage is considered commonplace. In a hilarious Ben Stiller’s movie, the household cat was to become the ring bearer. It was a unique idea that might seem zany, but pulling it off would surely fill the hall with much laughter.

Other avenues for personalized and unique expressions to mark the big day as your own could also be in the way the reception is held. Where money is no problem, the sky is the limit in terms of what could actually be done. A live band or musical group, a singer, custom made stage for the newly weds to be introduced to the guests – it could well be your dream day come true.

Even those operating within the tight confines of a budget are able to have some unique wedding ideas to their celebration. The wedding favors or theme chosen, for example, is a good way to express oneself. It could be a garden reception where both the couple and their honored guests are surrounding by lush green and beautiful flower plants, with the open sky filled with a millions stars being their roof. Sound’s romantic, doesn’t it? The beauty of such a theme is that you do not need a huge budget to pull it off, as most churches – for Christians – has its fair share of open parks which could fit the bill for such a location.

Those with a far more adventurous streak could also choose to hold their wedding ceremony at the beach, bringing with such a theme that could extend to the items given out as door gifts, the food served at the reception, the dress codes for both bride and bridegroom as well as their guests and the way the wedding ceremony would be conducted. Unlike ceremonies held at the more mundane but safer location, timing is all important when choosing a beach themed wedding ceremony.

The best time for the exchanging of oaths must be when the sun starts to set, giving a nice hue to the whole location and adding the intensity of the ceremony. The event should not be too lengthy, however, as soon it would be dark, and time for the party to start. Barbeques – a great solution given the open concept of the whole theme – would make a perfect accompaniment to the reception.

Whatever the theme chosen, the most important consideration must be that it would be remembered for a long, long time for the bride and bridegroom as well as their honoured guests. Weddings are big days on their own right but they should never draw the attention away from the real reason of it all – the joining of two hearts in matrimony.

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