Wedding Candle Favors For A Wonderfully Spiritual Wedding

Tea Light in Castle Setting Giftbox.JPGWedding candle favors make a wonderful gift worthy of giving to your guests. This can make the commemoration of your wedding special not only to you but also to your guests. Giving candle favors can be a perfect way for your guests to share with the feeling of joy and togetherness that a couple is experiencing.

Candles have always been an important part of a wedding. Candles can represent the solemnity and joy that can be felt during a wedding day. Candles are a special way to share with the guests what a bride and groom can be feeling. Many ceremonies that include candles symbolize union which is perfect in the occasion of a wedding. Candles could serve as a legacy for the significance of a wedding.

The candles

Candle wedding favors can come in a variety of forms, colors or sizes. The choices for colors can range from the color red to the color pink. The sizes can vary depending on the circumference of a candle or the length of the candle. Form can come in the shape of a heart or in the shape of romantic animals like doves. The design of the candle itself can also range from the classical pillar to the plain pillar that has minimal designs.

Something-old-new-borrowed.jpgChoosing your candle favor

There are a lot of ideas today that can be used in the picking of a unique candle favor. However, because of the similarities of ideas that are open to the public due to the internet and modern forms of media, many couple want something different and out of the ordinary. Some want the making itself of the wedding favor to be a unique and a memorable experience in itself. Friends of the bride or groom can carve the candles themselves and create not only a unique design, but a unique experience as well.

This is where a project regarding wedding favors can be made. Just imagine doing it with your friends and relatives who are all pumped up and excited to see the wedding. Imagine all the talk that you can have with all the bonding experience that you can get.

Choose whatever you think would be the best way for you to create a favor while determining what type of favor would be best for you. Also, take note of the different variety of favors that you can choose from depending on the theme and the style

Teacups and Tealights.JPGBritish Candle Favors

British candle favors can create a very medieval and classic feel for your wedding favor. A “tea for two” theme can be done using teacups and saucers that are British in nature. You can search the net for any materials that you can use like saucers or teacups. Toy saucers or toy teacups can also be great alternative for your British inspired favor. Choose those that have flowery design or antique designs that perfectly match the British theme. Use the teacups as candle holders and put the candles on hold. Add a card and bow to the handle. For center tables, you can use teapots to match this theme.

Dutch Candle Favors

Think of something blue and something old. Think of something like a clog that can have the quality of something blue or something old. Search online or to your nearest specialized shops to look for Dutch ceramic shoes that has a windmill. Look for something designed in Delft blue. Buy a pair to save money and separate them for a Dutch candle favor project.

Put a penny in the bottom of each shoe. Also, place a small white candle on each. Use ribbons to tie a printed tag with prints that correspond to an old British rhyme about pennies and shoes. Think of something old and blue.

Oriental Candle Favors

For this one, think of an oriental object that could be used to hold your candles. Again, a teacup can be used. Just make sure that they have oriental themes this time. It should be narrow and tall. It should have a lid and a handle. This could be quite expensive but since you are planning to use this for favors, you can just buy it on a wholesale basis. Place the candle on the teacups and use a ribbon to tie a place card.

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