Wedding Candles And Lanterns Create The Perfect Romantic Atomosphere

Round Paper LanternsMaking sure you have the right lighting is very important. Lighting really can make or break a wedding’s overall mood. If you plan on having an evening reception, candles are a must even if you are indoors. I mean, candles and different kinds of lighting techniques can really create a calm and romantic atmosphere which is precisely the kind of mood desired for any evening wedding.

Even if you have your wedding during the day and plan on using a lot of natural lighting (my favorite kind of lighting because it’s beautiful and free), you still need to plan on using other forms of light to create a desired mood. Candles still work for daytime weddings even if you want your wedding reception to be fun and joyous because it allows for all of that while adding a sense of romance.

I have some really neat ideas on how to give the lights at your wedding the perfect touch.

Lanterns are great. They can be used for indoor and outdoor weddings (if you have a long extension cord) and can be used at any hour. Colored paper lanterns can add dimension to the other colors featured in your wedding. For instance, if you use blue paper lanterns and have white table cloths, it can give it a really nice look. Paper lanterns are great for hanging outside in tents or on trees. You can even buy paper lanterns for the ground to have more floor lighting in outdoor wedding receptions.

Candles are a great way to add romance to any scene. They can be used indoors even during the day time. Place some standing candles on each reception table to add a more sophisticated look. If you have your wedding reception outside you might want to place them into glass lanterns with rose petals and hang them from trees or inside a tent.

Whether you’re inside or outside, candles and lanterns are a great way to incorporate unique and economically sound lighting.

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