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It is just about everyone’s dream to have a perfect wedding – you want the wedding ceremony to be just like the way you dream of since you were little, but all in all, you just want the ceremony to go off without a hitch! Now that would be almost impossible, but here are a few tips on how to make it almost possible…

Don’t go bankrupt – just to have that perfect wedding! There are plenty of ways to still have that gorgeous wedding ceremony, and still stay under your budget. Plan wisely and use the Internet to search for the best deals. Plan on which areas should have priority – flowers are important, so is invitations, but you can find a lot of nice designs invitation cards at a lower price or DIYs to save cost, and move the rest of the money to the flower budget.
Don’t invite if you don’t want to – inviting your uncle’s cousin’s mother-in-law’s gardener to your wedding is totally unnecessary. Of course, the wedding ceremony is a big deal and all, but you have to remember it’s a budgeted affair. Perhaps your Uncle John would like to invite your fourth cousin once removed from Scotland that you have never met, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Better still, develop a rule that everyone can only have a certain amount of guests to invite and stick to this rule, for example, each set of parents can only invite 25 guests to the wedding ceremony. Don’t sneak an extra 8 guests on your parents’ side. The important thing is to surround yourself with your loved ones on that lovely day.

Don’t rule out the possibility of using a wedding planner – their experience in the industry might help you save time and money as they know vendors, can work payment arrangements and most important of all, they know weddings inside and out. This might help you avoid overlooking certain areas which you might never think of, especially if you are planning to hold your wedding ceremony at a place you are not familiar with. Now is a good time to call in the professionals.

Wedding Ceremony

Don’t fret at the things that go wrong at your wedding ceremony – bad things do happen, and sometimes they happen at weddings. Just relax, keep your sense of humor and try to see the good side of things, even in the face of disaster. Bear in mind that this is your big day, and focus on the main thing – vowing to love and be with your other half forever.

Don’t forget to check the weather on that day – especially if you plan to have a wedding outdoor! Sure, everyone hopes for a beautiful day for their wedding ceremony, but for safety measure, do have an alternate inside or under cover location. After all, who says you can’t still have a perfect wedding ceremony even if it rains?

Don’t forget to eat – even if just a little bit, before your wedding ceremony. It is not a very nice view to have the bride fainting at her very own wedding. If you are drinking at your wedding, the more important it is to eat to make sure you don’t end up being called as ‘the drunk bride’ every time the topic of your wedding is being brought up.

Don’t let your guests get drunk – an open bar can be a nice thing to have at your wedding, but drunk guests are not. They might spurt out embarrassing things about you, or get into fights with other guests, causing a scene you might just want to totally avoid at your memorable day.

Don’t lose your wedding ring – try not to have a heart attack on your wedding day by losing your wedding ring. It’s common sense – don’t put the real rings on the ring bearer’s pillow if he is under 6 years old. Tying it up in order not to lose it is another bad idea as you wouldn’t want the whole world to see your best man using his teeth to loosen the knot.

Don’t go without backup plans – the idea is to prepare for the things that could go wrong, such as what if your photographer didn’t show up on your wedding day? Purchase a number of disposable cameras – candid pictures are better than no pictures at all!

Don’t be late – nobody likes to wait, even if it is your special day. Furthermore, your vendor might charge you for extra if you put them behind schedule. Being late to your own wedding is not classy at all, and try not to forget giving your limo driver directions and end up missing out the entire reception.

Don’t forget to say thank you – send out Thank You notes as soon as possible after the wedding to those that nicely brought you gifts. Keep a list because you will never remember who gave you what with all the excitement going on on that day! Do this within 4 – 5 weeks after your wedding. You can choose to have it simple, but make it personal.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun! It is your wedding day, and after all the hard work of planning it through, you deserve to enjoy it! Enjoy it with your loved ones around you and dance to your hearts desire.

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