Wedding Favor Asian Take Out Box Helps You Keep Your Asian Theme Wedding Consistent

 Asian Take Out BoxOne thing that I really try to stress to all the brides I come in contact with when they ask me for wedding tips is: if you are going to have a theme, then it has to flow throughout all areas of your wedding. Remember, it’s the details that count. This includes, the food, the cocktails and drinks, the music, the colors, the arrangements of candles, and last but not least, the wedding guest souvenirs.

Last weekend, Levi’s cousin John married his long time girlfriend Mary. They had a wonderful wedding outside in John’s mother’s garden in their backyard. Then the guests moved to a beautiful reception venue overlooking a Harbor with boats. However, even though the setting of the reception was no longer in a “garden” area, there was still a “garden” feel to the reception. For example, instead of flowers arrangements on the table, there was potted grass with wildflowers as the table centerpiece. Also, the wedding favours were in brown baggies (like the kind you pack your lunch in on a picnic). So you can see that the theme was held subtly throughout the wedding.

For my cousin Jen’s wedding, she made it Asian theme because her husband is of Taiwanese decent. The food was excellent Chinese food, red and gold colors were featured, and their wedding favours had Chinese characters on it.

Anyway, today I found a really nice Asian Take Out Box that you can put your wedding favours inside if you are having an Asian theme wedding. Even if you do not want to have the wedding favours be Asian theme, it is still good to carry that theme through until the end by decorating it with this really cute box.

I think that this is a great wedding favour idea for any Asian theme wedding.

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