Wedding Favour “Swish” Cup And Saucer Set Is The Perfect Gift

Earlier this month I wrote a blog suggesting giving your guests tea bags as a wedding favour. I still think that this is a lovely idea because almost everyone loves tea and it’s very creative. You can have a variety of different kinds of tea to choose from, like earl grey, peppermint tea, chamomile, chai tea, etc… But, after searching this website for different wedding favour ideas, I came upon these “Swish” Cup and Saucer Set.

Swish Cup and Saucer Set.jpgI think that this is just the right touch in giving tea bags to your guests as souvenirs. It is a beautiful and dainty porcelain tea and saucer set that is great for a small cup of tea or coffee. You see, giving your guests tea as a guest gift is a great idea, but it’s still not complete. By giving your guests these “Swish” Cup and Saucer Set, they will be able to actually drink the tea you are giving them as a favour and take home the set.

It can be a really nice touch to add to your wedding reception if you have a classic tea party. You can serve tea party pastries and crackers as an appetizer during the wedding reception meal while your guests are sipping on their new tea cups. Then after your meals, the waiters can come around to each table and offer more tea or gourmet coffee for the new tea cups. Coffee and/or tea are great with wedding cake and it’s a good way for your guests to digest their delicious food before they hit the dance floor.

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