Wedding Reception Table Centerpieces

reception_table3.jpgWedding reception table centerpieces are a focal point and guests look at them often throughout the party.  Often guests take home wedding table centerpieces after the party as a lasting keepsake of your day.  Consider these themed wedding table centerpieces ideas for unique creations your guests will clamor to bring home.

Flowers are traditional wedding table centerpieces for all types of gatherings.  Avoid tall blossoms that block the view of guests and deter casual conversation.  Try to choose flowers with a delicate fragrance because a strong scent may be upsetting to some guests while they eat.  Your arrangements can be large or small with seasonal fresh or dried flowers in colors that match your wedding party.  The flower arrangements should suit the size of your tables.  Square glass vases in various sizes are interesting wedding reception table centerpieces and simple to set up.  A single flower tube vase on each table is a simple, elegant touch for more intimate wedding groups.

Add color to your floral wedding reception table centerpieces with water pearls in a rainbow of colors.  Have bowls of water with colorful water pearls and floating candles instead of flowers.  Alternatively, you may want to add long, lovely taper candles to your floral arrangements for a truly romantic look and ambiance.  Add sparkling glow to your floral wedding reception table centerpieces with a water activated diamond light at the bottom of each.  Bring more glitter to your wedding tables with themed confetti scattered under the centerpieces.  The confetti will catch the diamond light under your centerpieces.

reception_table6.jpgIf you choose small wedding reception centerpiece ideas for a more conversational atmosphere, use mirrors to make them look bigger.  Place mirrors under pillar candles for an illuminating glow.  For weddings with children present, you can use battery operated tea lights for your candles rather than fire which could become hazardous.  Steer clear of the mirrors as little hands are curious and could get hurt on glass.

Add gold, silver and glitter to your wedding reception table centerpieces along with trim in your main accent color for an opulent effect.  Create centerpieces with candles and decorate with ribbon bows to match your wedding theme.  Use miniature baskets with curled ribbon ties and fill the baskets with candies, Jordan almonds or potpourri.  Choose ribbons and bows in colors to match your wedding party.

Easy wedding reception table centerpieces are lovely white ceramic plates spelling out “L-O-V-E” on each table that really express the message of the day.  Fill the plates with flowers, candies, fruits, colorful crystals or candles.  The plates won’t overshadow the tables yet add the celebratory touch you want.  Each guest can take a filled letter home after the reception as a keepsake of your special day.

Give your guests a special treat in the middle of the table to tempt them throughout your wedding with heart shaped fondue to stir up conversation and appetites.  Indulge your guests with melted chocolate, strawberries and pretzels for dipping.  The fondue will encourage the guests at each table to mingle right away and your guests will talk about this unforgettable wedding centerpiece for years. 

reception_table1.jpgAnother interactive idea is board games as wedding reception table centerpieces.  Glass chess sets or colorful checkerboards get your guests involved while adding to the décor of your wedding.  Decorate the area beneath them with glitter or confetti in unique shapes to reflect the theme of your day.

Striped and polka dotted metal boats filled with mints make perfect wedding reception table centerpieces at nautical nuptials.  For waterfront weddings, these adorable little boats celebrate the seafaring spirit of the day.  After your destination wedding, the guests can take the keepsake boats home for a beach feeling all the time.

Candy, rocks, crystals and colorful stones can be used to create dynamic wedding reception table centerpieces.  Fill glass cylinders with a different items based on the theme of your day.  Chocolates are perfect for luxury weddings. Use gourmet jellybeans for weddings with children.  At a beach wedding, fill the cylinders with sand.  You can even use various shaped cylinders, such as western boot shaped glasses filled with rocks for a country wedding. 
Your wedding reception table centerpieces add personality to your day.  Give your guests something to talk about right away with original centerpieces they will want to bring home.

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