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Wedding Tiaras


Wedding Tiaras – What Are The Choices

If there’s one thing that you’d want to feel like on your wedding, it’s to feel like you’re a princess. When you watched commoner-turned-princess Kate Middleton marry the handsome young prince William, you watched how a fairy tale unfolded before your eyes. Even though you know you and your partner cannot have a royal wedding, there are plenty of things you can do to make it seem like you’re having one. One way to do that is to wear a wedding tiara for your special day. You’d be glad to know that there are lots of beautiful choices in the market today. Some of them are enumerated below.

French Petals Wedding Tiara

You’d definitely feel like a princess when you wear this tiara on your head for your big day. Featuring a wire vine with numerous flowers intertwined, this sophisticated headwear will surely turn heads while you walk down the aisle. It’s a wonderful way to cap your wedding hair do.

Garden Wedding Tiara Accessory in Silver with White Pearls

Simply exquisite—these are the exact words that many brides who have seen this tiara use to describe it. The intricacy of this tiara’s design never fails to impress onlookers. The twist of silver and pearl used in adorning the headpiece make it suitable for any type of hair-do, although it looks specifically beautiful on buns, French twist and up-dos.

Silver Wedding Tiara with Romantic Scrolls and Flowers

This one gives off a big royal look with its wide band filled with rhinestone crystals and wire vine details. Whether you wear your hair down or pull it back into a classic bun or French twist, this versatile tiara will fit perfectly.

Ivory Pearls and Crystal Flowers Hair Comb

Dotted with white pearls and crystals, this tiara comb is one elegant piece that you’ll find very hard to resist. Unlike the previously mentioned tiaras, this one doesn’t go at the front part of your head but instead is tucked neatly behind, underneath a clump of hair pulled up in an exquisite French twist. The result is undeniable elegance. It’s the perfect item to use if you’re vying for a slightly exotic look.

Wedding Tiara with Butterflies

Perfect for a fairy-tale themed wedding, this princess-y tiara adorned with butterflies and white pearls can give you a majestic look like no other. It’s the best tiara to use if you’re holding an outdoor garden wedding—such a great way to blend and be one with nature.

Silver Colored Jewel Wedding Accessory Hair Comb with Pearls

The swirls of pearls and crystals give this comb a dazzling look. If you want to look like a princess but you’re not comfortable wearing a tiara on top of your head, this is what you’d want to have. You can use to tuck your hair behind your ear or adorn a classic bun up do.

Braided Rhinestone Headband

One thing that you’d really like about this particular tiara is that it gives you a royal look without seeming as if you’re trying too hard to look like a princess. The headband’s thin band riddled with tiny rhinestones that are twisted in braids create a timeless style that many brides go for. It can suit almost any type of wedding hair-do.

Pearl Loop Tiara

Now if there’s nothing to stop you from taking on the role of a princess for your wedding day, this is the best tiara for you. This one features seven big loops of white pearls with a couple of bigger pearls situated on the center for extra detailing. It can make any up-do look even more gorgeous.

White and Rum Pearl Floral Wedding Tiara

Want to look like a goddess instead of a princess? Then go for the white and rum pearl floral wedding tiara. With the sophisticated mix of pearls, flowers and leaves, it’s one crowning glory that would make it seem like you came down from an ethereal abode.

Champagne or Natural White Feathers and Matte Satin Wedding Hair Accessory

Now for the modern bride who wants to look different and unique, this girly hair accessory, which is not really a tiara, is still a fabulous hairpiece to wear. Made with satin feathers, it’s a good way to make a statement.

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