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If there were any more beautiful towns in that side of the world, Canada would emerge as a champion. It brings other countries to shame with its breathtaking views, natural forests and lakeside. If you head down to Ontario, you will be delighted with the small town charms all over the state. Still in doubt? Let us pay a visit to Bancroft.

A small town that has only a population count of 3,900, it is simply the perfect little place where you will not be afraid of being lonely. Although it may be annoying once in a while, your neighbors and the other residents will be interested in all your affairs. If you need help at any time of the day (or night, for that matter), you can just knock on anyone’s door and they will gladly assist you.

Located near the York River in Hastings County, it was once known as York Mills before. In 1853, a family moved into the area followed by 88 more in the next 15 years. However, Senator Billy Flint changed its named to Bancroft in 1879 after his beloved wife’s maiden name.

Bancroft is also known as the “mineral capital of Canada”. Its mining history makes it a perfect spot for rock hounding, an activity where you pick up rocks and minerals from the surrounding environment. This is so famous in Bancroft that people all over Canada would take a trip down to this place in August as they will organize an annual event called Rockhound Gemboree.

However, the town is also famous for its locations to pick up scenic views. Bancroft has a great lookout at Eagle’s nest, a 60 m cliff that overlooks the whole York River Valley. It is a definite must to bring your partner to this place. You can see the town of Bancroft surrounded by forest ridges as you enjoy a romantic picnic there. When the winter chills arrived, Eagle’s nest is transformed into a whole different spot. Icicles which reach an impressive height of 60m can be seen dangling from the largest and highest cliff. However, the path is impossible to go through during winter so all you can do is to admire it from beneath.

That is not all. If you are a cave hunter, there is a series of abandoned mines called McArthur’s mines located on Highway 28, just north east of Bancroft. Since the town used to have uranium mining activities in the past, the atmosphere of the mines would be somewhat eerie as you have a hand on experience of how the miners used to do their job in total darkness.

Do not forget to pay a visit to Egan’s chute. This little secret paradise is also hidden on Highway 28. Get a picnic basket and ask your friends and families to go along to have a great time there. The chute is actually a small gorge for which the great York River churns through, creating white water falls. It is indeed beautiful!

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