What Colour Goes With Teal? – Ask The Expert Answer

Question from Lacey:

What colors go along with Teal???

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Lacey,  This video on choosing wedding colours will help you see your many options.  Teal goes with other blues, purples and greens, as well as some orange colours.  Think melon and teal.  White (ivory, cream, etc.) and teal look beautiful together.  Another options is various shades of teal.  If you want bold colours, try mixing teal with yellow and purple.  The trick is to have the same undertone to your colour.  If the teal you chose has a grey undertone to it, you will want your other colours to also have a grey undertone to them.  If the teal is a bright teal, your other colors should have the same brightness.

Once you watch the video, google some colour wheels to see what other options you have.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask The Expert

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