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Question from Barbara:

My husband and I will be renewing our 30th Wedding vows on the Carnival Valor cruise 12/06/2009, by the cruise Captain and I was wondering if you feel this dress would be an appropriate dress.

Would you suggest something more simple or another color? I was wondering if it is ok to wear white again? any advice would be appreciated.

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Barbara, the dress is beautiful, and is entirely appropriate for a cruise wedding renewal of vows.  A renewal of vows can be either extravagant or simple depending upon the couple.  Many couples never had much of a “real wedding” when they first got married, so like to have a more extravagant renewal of vows.

What you are planning sounds very appropriate.   A renewal or second wedding should be more subdued than a first wedding from an etiquette point of view.  A cruise renewal of vows is very popular choice.  Yes, it is perfectly fine to wear white again, but know that it is a more modern choice.  The traditional choice is to go with ivory, pale yellow or other soft colour.  The choice is yours.

I think you choice is perfect.  Enjoy! and congratulations!

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask The Expert


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