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Question from Dave:

i am wondering what the average cost of a wedding is these days and what one should budget for if they are planing a church wedding, with reception at one of the major hotels in edmonton such as the Greenwood in Ramada south Edmonton or the Marriot river cree resort.  This will include chair coverings center pieces buffet dinner at $40.00 a plate for about 80 people.  oh 1 maid of honor and 3 brides maids.

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Dave, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  The average cost of a wedding in Canada in 2007 was $18,500, but does range from $10,000 to over $30,000.   It is impossible to answer your question without knowing the taste of the couple, and what they feel comfortable spending.

For example, a wedding dress can cost $500 or $5,000.  All churches charge different rates for their services.  Are you having live music, or a DJ.  All these things will affect the cost.  How much will you spend on rings thousands, or ten thousands?

For a breakdown on AVERAGE wedding costs, check out this list.  Remember that people with a larger budget, still spend roughly the same % on the differernt aspects of the wedding.   Based on the average Canadian wedding last year:

Invitations 2% of $18,500 = $370

Limo 1% of $18,500 = $185

Video 5% of $18,500 = $925

Photography 8% of $18,500 = $1,480

Reception/Catering 42% of $18,500 = $7,700

Cake 3% of $18,500 = $555

Flowers 5% of $18,500 = $925

Ceremony 3% of $18,500 = $555

Music 3% of $18,500 = $555

Rings 20% of $18,500 = $3,700

Apparel 7% of $18,500 = $1,295

Miscellaneous 4% of $18,500 = $740

It is best to negotiate your wedding reception with the catering department of the hotels you are interested in.  See what they will throw in, for example, they might let you use decorations, archways, etc. at no extra cost if they are hungry enough for your business.  Can you bring in your own alcohol?  If so, what extra charges will they tack on for “corkage”?  If it is cheaper, who will look after it?  Will that cost anything?

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding, and a wide range of services and costs to choose from.  Enjoy the process!

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask The Expert


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