What To Wear On Your Cruise Honeymoon

A popular Honeymoon destination is cruises. Every summer, hundreds of newly-weds slop on their sunscreen reach for their towel and head for the Caribbean, Hawaii, or Mexican Rivera aboard a ship. However not many of them know what to expect when traveling aboard a cruise ship especially what to wear.

About a week ago, Levi and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. We were excited not only because we were going somewhere new and exciting, but also because we thought we could just lay out in our bathing suits in the sun all day, everyday. Not true…

One thing that we didn’t really look into too much was the timing we went on the cruise. For one, the beginning of June-August is Hurricane season in the Caribbean. That doesn’t mean that the entire summer is going to be gloomy, but you might want to take that into consideration when planning a getaway.




That being said, you might want to bring warmer clothes and either an umbrella or poncho just in case on your cruise. Most of the days we spent at sea were pretty beautiful, but there were a few of them that were kind of gloomy. So we spent those days in the casino or in the game room.

Also, cruise ships have theme nights too. Many of them have formal nights so remember to bring your cocktail dress and have your fiancé bring his suit. Check the cruise to see if there are any special theme nights like “Hawaiian T-Shirt Day” or “Toga Day”. Those are always fun.

In summary…

  1. Bring umbrella
  2. Bring swimming suit, sun screen, and all of that good beach stuff
  3. Bring comfy clothes
  4. Bring dressy clothes and semi-dressy clothes
  5. Bring a smile.




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