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Question from Eloisa:

We are thinking of Tri-tip or rosemary chicken or if our budget allows maybe both and so my husband and I were wondering what goes well white or red wine?  In one reply you mention maybe having a bottle of Red & White Wine on the tables and so I was wondering would it be better to just have one type of wine for which ever Main Meal we decide on ( Tri-tip or Rosemary Chicken)?  or if we decide to have both Tri-tip & Rosemary Chicken then should we have both Red & White and the Tables?

Answer from Bridal Expert Angela:

Hi Eloisa.  The days of white wine for chicken and red wine for beef are gone.  These days, the focus is on the more subtle pairing of a wine that compliments the food.  For example, you don’t want the wine to overpower the taste of the chicken, and vica versa.  It is common to have both red and white wine with any dish these days.  Chicken also works well with a dry rosé  or a merlot for something a little different.  The focus when choosing the wine would be flavours that compliment the food.  The rosemary chicken would require a lighter tasting wine than the tri tip which would need a stronger wine to compliment the flavour.

It is common practise to have two bottles of wine for table that seats 8.  I would recommend one white and one red (or a rosé  and a merlot) to give your guests a choice. 

Your caterer will give you some suggestions in your price range, as will your liquor supplier.  Enjoy the taste testing!

Angela Fiebelkorn, Ask The Expert

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